Contributors: We Made You A Present

Contributors and translators: we ❤ you. So much, we put together a little number for you to express our thanks:

Track / Artist / P2PUer Selection

1. “Divine” / Sebastien Tellier / Philipp

2. “Standing in the Way of Control” / Gossip / Vanessa

3. “Hang With Me” / Robyn / Vanessa

4. “Danke Shoen” / Sandy Kastel / Philipp

5. “Revolutionary Generation” / Public Enemy / Bekka

6. “Kind & Generous” / Natalie Merchant / Peter R.

7. “Thank You” / Dido / Erika

8. “Killing All The Flies” / Mogwai / Dirk

9. “Thank You” / Alanis Morissette / Vanessa

10. “Seven Nation Army” / The White Stripes / Chris

11. “Thank You for the Music” / ABBA / Bekka

12. “Thank You for Being a Friend” (Golden Girls Soundtrack) / Andrew Gold / Paul



One thought on “Contributors: We Made You A Present

  1. It should be noted that the player does not operate outside the United States (or, at least, it does not operate in Canada – we get a message from Spotify saying “Sorry, we’re not available where you are”.

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