A Very Special Episode of the P2PU Community Call

I give you the takeaways from a very special Community Call.


As we close 2012, it’s time to prompt a reflective practice. To wit, I asked those on the call today:
1. How would you define the P2PU community?
2. What are your big goals for 2013?


Hopefully our self-definition becomes our “compass” for how we approach our goals–and prod each other to achieve them–in 2013.


Question 1: How do we self-define?
Here’s what this looks like on a very high-level:


Question 2: What are our goals for 2013?

  • Leah: 3 School of Open Badges courses will be taking off with 15 people (at least) enrolled in each.
  • Chris: 2013 – MOOC Maker! And School of Sound has one course off the ground and running. Become better open source code participant
  • Dirk: Online/offline course – collaboration with 2/3 maker spaces. Streamline P2PU tech dev.
  • Vanessa: Implement and Ship Assessment Plan & Fiction MOOC using Git/Github for peer review and revisions
  • Zac: Social Networking graduate class embedded in SOE w/ possible grad credit from Antioch New England.

Full notes and chat from the Community Call can be found here: http://pad.p2pu.org/p/community-20121213


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Episode of the P2PU Community Call

  1. Sounds like you all had a very productive community call! Looking forward to seeing things develop in the new year :]

  2. Adding keywords (for next iteration of the map). Lulz, Learning with Friends, P2P, Building, Making, Projects, Recognition

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