Ongoing Assessment & the Power of Open Writing

I believe in ongoing assessment.  I agree with the necessity of a continuous feedback loop in writing, involving peers in early draft stages, showing writing as a process of revision, and sharing the results with a wide audience.

When Martha Stone Wiske refers to the positive benefits of students sharing their final writing products with a wide audience: “Such presentations may constitute the most authentic form of assessment when the goal of learning is to develop learner’s capacity to exercise a positive influence in the world” (2005 p.95) this expresses how I see the power of open learning, and the model I work towards with Peer 2 Peer University. 

Something that Tracy and I encountered in our P2PU couse was a hesitance to critique each other’s work–despite peer feedback’s established worth.  We need to think about the writing prompt, self-reflection and peer feedback as one loop, perhaps even one step, to remove any inertia or mental roadblocks to valid & robust peer assessment.

Tracy and I have been working on a writing product to prompt students to think in terms of drafts and the quality of peer feedback–and I can’t wait to show it to you all.


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