What’s Vanessa Learning? Emerging Educational Technologies

From class on 08/31/2011

Emerging technologies–potentially powerful but not well understood

  • Course objectives: evaluating new technologies, figuring out whether they should be used
  • National Education Technology Plan–the policy piece for technology use in US schools in 10 years
  • Technologies that don’t take off–why? Ie, video phone calls–tech has actually been around for a while
  • New Tools for 21st Century Work. Key Qs in the video:
  • Which technologies can be repurposed for learning?
  • Your device fits into the larger network seamlessly
  • Telepresence: how much will this be used? You need someone on the other side.
  • Augmented reality concept–that your device is capable of interacting with the context
  • Gesture-based interfaces
  • Constant multi-tasking–no need for “away” (should we be teaching kids to multiprocess?)
  • Instant translation

What are the kinds of skills that students need to graduate with?

  • Sharing and collaboration–a more complicated skill–being able to interact virtually and face to face
  • Collaboration is hard–not a “natural” human characteristic, from an instructor perspective, hardest part to design
  • Summative–>easiest, Formative/Diagnostic–>harder, Collaboration–>hardest tech to develop
  • Visual processing of information
  • Workplace communication–each medium has its own rhetoric
  • These skills get overlooked when compared to “the basics” students should know–the “Yes, but” argument
  • That may not be true–kids may learn at different levels at the same time–may not need to master simple skills first
  • More advanced skills give the opportunity to mentor, reinforce the learning

Assessing Emerging Educational Technologies

  • Start with the learning problem, not the learning technology
  • What capabilities, or affordances in tech are powerful for learning
  • Tech has baggage too: weaknesses, struggles
  • Does it work in the real world? How do we implement it?
  • What’s its place in the evolutionary path? How does it fit within past use and the future

Assignment Possibilities

  • Preparing a research synthesis (there’s a template on the site)
  • Must be on something that’s emerging (ie not powerpoint) and transforming
  • We’re not actually going to do the research
  • 1 page proposal and the experience you’ll have with it

Extensive Literature Review

Research Projects to get involved with:

  • Oneville Project–presenting information/web site piece, lit review, being in the classroom, doing interviews

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