C’Mon let me Hydrate ‘Cha

I’ve been too distraught to write for the past 10 weeks, ever since I found out I am allergic to gluten.  No more pizza, pasta or beer.  I thought Mozzadrella was surely finished.

But Chicago bucked up.  And now I’m going to flood you with my gluten-free exploits.

But I also got a little tired of the food-centric bent of the Fresh Mozz.  This slice is still going to be fresh, but more inclusive.  I dig new media, new verse, steampunk visions, walking slowly, overdone collars, endlessly considering my drag persona and making piles. Sound good?

So move with me.


2 thoughts on “C’Mon let me Hydrate ‘Cha

  1. Hi new house.

    I am jealous you are on wordpress. I hate typepad. But I just moved last year. Sigh.

  2. It sucks about the gluten. My dad and one of my brothers have that. I was so afraid my blood tests would tell me that I was too, because about 93% of the food I eat is noodle-based (outside of cottage cheese). I send you my condolences and wish you the best of luck with your alternative-food adventures!

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