Fresh Mozz w/ Cheese

Years ago in college, due to trickery and nefarious tactics, I was backed in to doing a radio show on my college campus. Rachel and I decided to have a “how-to” program, where we would showcase one talent or area of knowledge each week.

Rachel knows how to do a lot of things, including percussing and dressing a crustacean. Comparatively, my abilities appeared paltry, but I drew from my background in cosmetics (rally!), and brought the ingredients to make oatmeal facial masks to the studio.

Did chunks slip off our cheeks as we were at the switchboard? Yes. Did it encrust to our faces like orange pulp? Absolutely. Stalking her flickr account this morning, I came across this photo:

I think I also forced Rachel to play a roleplaying game on the air–I believe I made her make up stories about a goth family on the spot.

Divine retribution for her deceit!


5 thoughts on “Fresh Mozz w/ Cheese

  1. I feel like you made me do that at one point also. that was super gross. I can’t recall if there were particular benefits to the treatment, other than shouting “Grooooossssss!”

  2. Damnit, woman! When are you going to update again?

  3. Damnit, woman! When are you going to update again?

  4. Mozz, I’m prostrate on my couch, victim of the ick that is the air on Clackamas County busses.

    Help a sister out and post the recipe. God knows I have nothing else to do until roommate Emma comes back with Season 2 of Veronica Mars.

    Egad, I want tea and I want whiskey and I want to feel better, or at least pretty, which is the opposite of rhinovirus-y.

  5. Err.. All I can say is I want the recipe and, “Grooooossssss!”

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